Meet our Special Guest!

At the 5th annual 5K/10K that ConnectAbility is hosting, we are pleased to announce a special guest who will be there.


Katy Wilson has been active in the Special Olympics community with gymnastics ever since she started competing when she was only six years old! She is also a Global Messenger for the Special Olympics. What this means is that Katy gets to inform people what the Special Olympics is all about and why she is so passionate about it. Katy is also an excellent public speaker, going on tours as a Global Messenger. She is also involved with the Honorary Boards of Directors.katy-and-michelle

She has had experiences to meet celebrities, such as Michele Kwan and players ofthe Atlanta Falcons. She also has traveled to countries such as Morocco as a delegate in the Special Olympic Global Congress. The Congress helps better the Special Olympics and how they can make changes to improve the organization as a whole. Katy also has been given awards for her involvement and passion for the Special Olympics such as the Christian Pueschel Memorial Citizen award.


We can’t wait to see everyone on September 12th! It will be a fantastic and fun event that all participants and volunteers will be sure to enjoy!