Looking for GREAT volunteers!

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Even if you’re not a runner, you can have a front row seat to be a volunteer at one of the most inspiring events of the year!

We have opportunities for individuals, families and teams to join our volunteer crew. We need over 100 volunteers to make our race a success and we guarantee that you’ll have a great volunteer experience.DSC02010
To make sure that everyone is ready to go on race day, we are hosting a Volunteer Pizza Party on Thursday, September 6. Meet at Hancock Park at 6:30. We’ll be meeting for an hour. You’ll meet your Lead Volunteer and learn all about your role, where to go on race day and when to arrive. Look for Race Lead Volunteers in the bright shirts to direct you.

We have an online sign up for volunteers. Just enter your contact info and you can choose a spot that you prefer.

Sign Up to Volunteer!

Great news: every volunteer will receive a ticket on race day to get a FREE ice cream from the North Georgia Treats ice cream truck at the finish line!IMG_2010