A look into the life of this year’s guest speaker, Jon Crais

We are one week out from the ConnectAbility 5k/10k race, so we thought we would check in with this year’s highly esteemed guest speaker (drumroll please…), Jon Crais!
Jon is a very busy man. When he isn’t working at Planet Fitness, he’s mastering the MYOPRO that may lead him straight to world domination.

We sat down at a posh lounge where I could grill him with all of the questions his adoring fans (and future fans) have sent in and away we wen — just kidding. No one has time for posh lounges around here. Also, it’s Dahlonega – posh just isn’t how we do life here. After a pleasant chat and exchange on Facebook messenger, I have all of the answers to the universe, as seen by Jon Crais. And with that, let’s see what the man, the myth, the legend, has to say!

Sarah: (literally how I approached this guy for answers to the universe): YO. I’ve been tasked with learning all I can about you ahead of the ConnectAbility race. Mind if I ask you some questions?
Jon: (rough rewording, somewhat embellished to show MAJOR enthusiasm) I would LOVE to answer ALL of your questions!
Sarah: Awesome.You’re pretty active with ConnectAbility, participating in Race for a Reason, and you’ve done a fantastic job of beating Thomas Odom at every single race you’ve done. Impressive! Have you been involved in any other ConnectAbility events or groups?
Jon: I have done the pictures project [Thousand Words] a couple of times. I do the BAM [Book and Movie] club. All of this in between reading Shakespeare plays.
I (Sarah) think to myself ‘no wonder it took so long to coordinate this interview…’
Sarah: How long have you been involved with R4R (Race for a Reason)?
Jon: 4 years
Sarah: Rumor has it you’re the guest speaker at the ConnectAbility 5k/10k this year. Do you plan to open with joke, or make us all cry?
Jon: I’ll probably make people laugh…UNTIL they cry…teehee
Sarah: Sounds legit. Jon, is there anything about you that people would be shocked to know?
Jon: I was very well-behaved in school
Sarah: *crickets*…I don’t know about ya’ll, but I’m skeptical!

We wrapped things up with that – I’m pretty sure he had no less than 1,000 things to do by the time our chat had ended. Like I said, he’s a busy guy.

I hope you all will be joining us on Saturday, September 7th at Hancock Park for the ConnectAbility 5k/10k and stick around for our guest speaker, Jon Crais! It’s been a pleasure and honor to chat with Jon, learn a bit about this Renaissance man, and gain a little insight into what makes him tick. If you are interested in participating in one of the amazing projects ConnectAbility offers, head over to the website and click on the ‘Get Involved’ tab!



Jon beating Thomas, again at the ConnectAbility race.
Sarah, Hugo, and Jon at the Lekotek Run 4 Kids race in Atlanta.